Please request pricing by email, direct message me on instagram or feel free to check out our ‘fees’ section on the website.

Kittens are safely transported by reliable shippers via airline cargo or in cabins with us or couriers, depending on the destination.

Depending on the country, they are ready for their new homes at age 3-4 months. Some breeders sell their kittens at 8 weeks, however we believe that 3 months is better as we are able to give the kitten all their current vaccinations and can spay/neuter them if required. This also allows the kittens to properly develop the desired habits from their mother.

We are currently registered in the WCF (World Cat Federation).

We are in the Public Association Cat Fanciers Club Avatar, based in Nur-Sultan (Astana) Kazakhstan. With Oksana Knyazeva as our club president.

We are located in Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan.

We feed them Royal Canin as dry food and gourmet as wet food. We also like to incorporate raw and home cooked meals to ensure they get all their nutrients.

Ragdoll’s are extremely easy going, cuddly and a docile breed. Which makes them an excellent choice for families with young children.

Yes, like any cat with hair, they shed. However, their shedding is minimal compared to other breeds, due to them having barely any undercoat. So they only really need to be brushed once a week.

No. I am sorry to say, however Ragdoll’s are strictly an indoor pet due to their temperament and fur type. There are no exceptions

Ragdoll’s do well in multiple pet homes due to their relaxed nature. All of our kittens grow up around many other cats of different breeds and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, helping them adapt easily to a new household

Besides the kitten themselves, the price includes:

-the kitten’s neutering/spaying procedure if they were sold under the category of ‘pet’ class

-All their required vaccinations will be done

-A pet passport

-A copy of the cat’s family tree (a certificate to confirm that the kitten is pedigree)

-A leaflet on how to care for your kitten

-Some toys/blanket with their litter mates scent

-Health certificates