Why we chose to breed the Ragdoll

We initially fell in love with this breed around 5 years ago when we purchased a lovely cat, who was ¾ Ragdoll and ¼ Bengal. His name was Simba and we were mesmerised by his beauty and his incredible personality. After moving to Kazakhstan and attending our first ... cat show for fun in 2017, we realised that there were no Ragdolls at the show and after doing a bit of research, we discovered that there were no breeders based in the capital city of Nur-Sultan (Astana). Due to our absolute admiration to the breed, we decided to introduce this lovely breed to our country and help make the breed even better

Our Mission

As a breeder, we are not here to make a profit. But instead to improve and preserve the amazing Ragdoll breed. Our aim is to create a Ragdoll with all the desired features of the breed and to maintain perfect standards. We look into many aspects in choosing which cats to breed, ... we start with the infamous affectionate, floppy Ragdoll personality and ensure we produce kittens, equipped with that characteristic. Next, we strive to produce kittens with luscious blue eyes as that is what we as breeders admire in the breed, as well as their large size. Most importantly, we focus on those with good health and a strong family tree, guaranteeing that the cats will get the opportunity to live a great life with no struggles

Who are we | Bibi

Hello, I am Bibi Tukentegi. I was born in Westminster, England and grew up there, before moving to Kazakhstan. I have always had a curiosity and admiration for animals, since I could remember. My goal is to study veterinary medicine and one day return to Kazakhstan and help ... improve the well-beings of animals all over the country, while simultaneously teaching people ways to help and respect animals... I have always had a big passion for cats and as a child I managed to learn about almost every single breed of cat in both English and Russian. The Ragdoll was a breed in particular which caught my eye and led me into wanting to add my own essence to the breed. I did years of research and persuasion to begin this cattery and it has finally paid off. I aspire to continue Ragdoll breeding throughout my entire life and to indulge in felinology in the future as well as being a judge/ feline specialist at cat shows after retiring. I can’t wait to put my best foot forward and contribute in the preservation, improvement and maintenance of this precious breed

Who are we | Kairat

My amazing father has been the one who helped bring this business alive, supporting this cattery entirely along the way, providing the opportunity to gather the best cats from around the world. He flew all the way to Germany to bring back our beautiful dark blue-eyed male. He ... has aided us in granting us with the chance to fly and travel to other cat shows all around Kazakhstan and in Russia! Without him this cattery would not exist. He recently took our gorgeous girl: ‘Heavenly Beauty’ all the way to Moscow in order to breed her, he is very dedicated to this business and the most supportive father ever. His passion for this business shines through mine and I appreciate all his hard work for this cattery